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Have Exercised Three Days in a Row in an Effort to Get My Body Back


Was hoping that if I could write down what I am going through right now, trying to get my body back, that maybe that would make me more accountable to myself, the person that can’t stand going through life another day not being my true self.  The fit one.  The one that can fit in my “sexy” clothes.

Had to get dressed up for a wedding and the process of going to the store, trying on clothes, and then looking at myself in what I ended up with versus being able to wear the outfit that I had already that would have been the perfect colors for the wedding helped some too.  Decided to use that motivation to get more serious about sporadic previous attempts I had made to get the dog and myself on a regular morning program.

So I have made it for three whole days in a row.  During that time I have not been the happiest person to live with.  It has been hard to move around because of sore muscles, I have been tired, but sleeping deeper, found out that it is better to avoid sensitive subjects with those you are close to during this period, but think I can feel some of my muscles that went away a little bit.  Not how they were in all there pumped up, I’m in shape glory, but a faint “remember me and how good it felt when I was noticeable and you were strong with some endurance to do stuff without pooping out d/t muscle atrophy?” 

By making it my job to be a healthy role model, I feel like I have cheated a little by adding an extra element of pressure that others don’t get to use as motivation.  All I say is find your own pressure/motivation and use it to help you get off the ground and get going.  Whatever works for you.  Most of all “allow yourself the pleasure of looking and feeling good.”  So many of us want to sabotage our success at attaining a life with that level of being ourselves.  

It is going to take a little longer to get past the anger of being out of shape and having to now get in shape, having to look at myself like this, and thinking about how much time I have wasted not putting more effort into dealing with it, but want can I really do but use that anger right now to fight past this difficult phase, and get my booty out of bed and outside walking.  Once I do that, the rest of my workout with the weights and some Pilates, just seem to be easy to get through.

You are the champion, you are the champion of the your world………..!  One day down.


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